Nick starcevic dating jen johnson taryn manning dating

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Nick starcevic dating jen johnson

If he’s not gay, then Nick appears to be doing a great job of at least placing that question in his housemates’ minds.

However, he or she will be eliminated from the competition. Votes to evict Kail (4): Jessica, Jameka, Dustin and Amber. Ho H Competition - “Let’s Make A Duel” The houseguests will face off two at a time and answer questions about things that the evicted houseguests have said in the diary room. There will be five heats at the Big Brother Speedway. Questions were asked of the first five evicted houseguests, and it is up to the houseguest to figure out how they answered. If you answer incorrectly, Jen will push the button that sends the houseguests plunging into the ice cold water. Question 1: Who did Joe say was most in need of a slop diet, A) Zach or B) Jameka? Question 3: Given the choice between Jameka and Dick, who did Kail say she would give her bible to, A) Jameka or B) Dick? Question 5: When asked to describe what movie their Big Brother experience was like, Kail said “Animal House” and Nick said “Love Actually”. Veto Competition - “Cat Scratch Veto” Each houseguest will stand on their tree stump and the cat will utter a word or phrase. They will then see a swirling puzzle that has two houseguests’ faces, and they must identify which two houseguests they are. Question 4: Did I ask Dustin a viewer question about his grey t-shirt before or after I asked Jameka if she would still give up the five Ho H competitions if she could go back and do it again? Order to drop out of the competition: Daniele (2 hours 47 minutes), Dick (7 hours 32 minutes). Zach advanced to Part 3 of the Final Ho H competition. The pieces must be collected and brought to the other tank, where the red line must be assembled in the order that the houseguests held Head of Household. Dick advanced to Part 3 of the Final Ho H competition. Question 6: Jessica said the person whose gameplay I respected most was A) my own or B) Eric’s? Question 6: If all of the ex-houseguests were standing up, whose nose would be closest to the stratosphere? Zach was the last to answer and was eliminated from the competition. The first houseguest to carry their silver ball to the finish line will become the new Ho H. Jessica announced that the first to fill that container would receive a phone call from home. After they have spun for 60 seconds, they will make their way to the Janelle-O-Vision screen. Question 5: Did Jen say during a nomination ceremony that the house would be a happier place without negative vibes before or after she wore a red unitard? The last houseguest standing will win Part 1 of the Final Ho H competition. WARNING: SPOILERS Nick Starcevic’s activities (as edited by CBS for primetime) in the Big Brother 8 house have mainly consisted of striking up competing flirtatious relationships with some of the women, even strategically isolating one of them (Jen) among the other housemates by confronting her for making the false claim he was trying to kiss her.Yet the BB8 internet feeds tell a slightly different tale.

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Veto Competition - “Vincent Van Veto” Veto Players: Dustin, Jen, Kail, Daniele, Jameka and Jessica. The living room was transformed into an art gallery. Item 5 - “Power Shortage” - Out of the next 5 Ho H competitions, how many are you willing to not participate in? How much of that prize money, up to $250,000, would you be willing to give up to win the Power of Veto? If they answer incorrectly, they will be eliminated from the competition. Daniele selected Dustin and Eric to face off first. Question 1: What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician? Question 2: What percentage of those polled think life in the Big Brother house is easy? Question 3: What percentage of those polled think that Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe? Question 4: What percentage of those polled said they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike? If you are the last to bring him his meal, you will be eliminated.